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Just got my starter set

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So I am mainly a Warlord guy. But I spent some of my BL points this week to purchase a CAV starter to try it out. I haven't gotten a chance to read the rulebook yet but I was wondering. Should I wait for V2 to come out before I get started or should I just read V1 even though I don't have a whole lot of time being that most of it is spent playing Warlord (and demoing the living "stuff" out of it) ::D:

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Send Warlordgarou a PM on this forum. He used to have a CAV group that played at the Blondo Lair on Monday nights. He's in Michigan now, but I'm sure he'll still have his guy's email addresses.


Unfortunately, weeknights are out for me and my weekends haven't been much better. Especially now that Springtime is coming. Yardwork and home maintenance have a way of sucking all of the freetime out of you. ::(:


You should look into going to SpringCon in South Sioux City, NE at the end of April tho. We're going to have tons of Warlord and CAV stuff there.

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