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Speedpaint Challenge

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Well, I picked up a blister labeled "Selwyn" and "Caerwyn" was inside.


Total time: 4 hrs, including base.


Obviously, I need to darken the pink here and there, I was going for a very subtle color.


What I learned:


I can be a very fast painter. I may spend another hour cleaning up some areas, and defining the edges more.


I tried REAL hard to differentiate the different reds, the red clothes from the red 'lacquer' quiver, sword scabbard, etc. It came out okay in the end.


<* EDIT *>


Updated the pick, looks MUCH better on a warmer background.


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Fun interpretation & good choice of lighting angle!!! I'm with Digital M@, Red is difficult to get right in digital photos... Mad Pat gave me a great tip yesterday (have something - with different colors - that helps the camera balance color saturation off to the side & crop it out of the photo)


When I saw the Lacquers... I thought... hey, neat lacquers... so you pulled that off quite well.


I'm not sure that your pinks are that bad... maybe a lighter background will let them fill out a bit more.. I'm thinking that the fight you had with your Reds helped the pinks lose out.


I'm going to play with "balancers" a bit more... I think I saw some LOTR test photos that had color pallettes next to the actors to help identify appropriate lighting... maybe something like that... it'll take some experimenting.


Again - Great Job!

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The turqouise blue-green background makes color correcting the reds difficult. I went out and picked up some different foam colors. I'll edit and post the new pic, shot with a light-tan background, much better.


I picked up different color backgrounds to match the overall colors of the figure. The light will probably be a good overall one.

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