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Hello there.   Can any one tell me if  CAV weapon Packs 1 and 2 (7030 and 7031) have shipped?  MIL-NET has it listed but Reaper online store doesn't.    MIL-NET shows a DEC 2002 release but no Pic can any one tell me what is in each pack?  



 Frostshade of the Former Razorless Skulls of Solaris 7

( Have not came up with a new group name yet)

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Nym, everyone diggs CAV. Thought you knew that :o)


Frostshade, I can't seem to find it right now but I know I've seen the contents of those babies listed somewhere. I'm pretty sure they contain Gkw12y's and Chervel II's off the top of my head though.


Perhaps someone with who's seen them can help out.... they still ain't reached this side of the pond yet :o(


*Checks watch, just to be sure*


Nope, not MArch yet :o(

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Cool, Since they are released  I will have to find a way to get them.   None of the gaming shops near me have CAV.  ???     So I will have to special order from shops down state.     I had been hoping to order them though the Reaper online store but they don't have it listed.    Can any one tell me what is in the packs?   ???    I am trying to keep to BSE  and RMI as  suppliers to keep army cost down on CAV  and let my armored units will the other roles :cool.



Only reason I found CAV was I wandering gaming shops and remembered NadinB back on Solaris 7 raving about this game a year or 2 ago.    Found the rule book in a RC car shop.     We are slowly starting a group out of old BT players that tried the  Poka'mech and didn't like it.    For now we are just geeked to have new stuff to paint and custom.     Glad to meet you all.

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