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Question about factions in Cav

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In the current version, you can pretty much paint and use any model for your factions. There are some indications in the fluff as to prefers what(help me out if I am wrong) but otherwise, I don't see a problem with buying whatever CAVs you like at this point.


Now granted v2 comes out later this year and has specific models in mind(again if I'm wrong correct me) for each faction. See the previous faction discussions for which and who.


Pick up a pack or 4 of dictators, can't go wrong with 'em.

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1) At some point the manufacturers struck out on their own and began widening their customer bases. That and they don't just sell to governments. If your force is (or hires) mercenaries, they could get just about anything. Mixed-race Merc groups are common too.


2) In the past war, whole regiments were captured with intact or serviceable materiel. These were often refurbished and re-fielded or sold to Merc groups.


3) There are alliances at work as well. The Adonese have allied with the Malvernis more than once, and the Rach have fought alongside both the Ritterlich and the Templars. The Terrans have allied with--and fought against--everybody else, at one time or another. And then there's the common enemy--the Psyros--against whom all other rivalries must be put aside!

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