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Introduction by way of my miniatures ..

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ThePolo and JoeGKushner,


Frustrated father said earlier:


The base is a 50mm warmachine skull base from Epicast.


I've seen some of their stuff at Fantization, I believe. A bit pricey, but they appear well made.

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I would also like to know.


This weekend, for the first time, I cut off the base of a mini and put it on a 1"x1" base. (see my recent post on the Halfling male thief) I used some clippers that came in a tool set I got years ago. Bit by bit, they cut the base around the feet farily well. The bottom of the feet was a bit trickier, and the halfling now has 4 toes instead of 5. :blush: With a little more practice, I can probably avoid more mishaps like that.


At any rate, do most of you guys use a drimel for such work?


Edit: Sorry to hijack your thread, FF.

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Anyhow, here are the two Reaper miniatures that I have managed to paint (I've done others but since this is a company board I'll keep it to just reaper). I quite enjoyed them and have a large stock of Warlord and DHL to paint through now.

Great work! Welcome!


Oh and you can post any minis by any company on this board. Reaper shows no preference to what you can post. Just follow a simple rule: If it contains nudity, put it in a link with a warning to those folks who cannot view such things at work or who might be minors, and/or easily offended.

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Thanks for the warm welcome folks.


Yup, its a pre-fabbed base and I did cut off the brocolli base. Initially I got a pair of side cutters and took away all the 'chunk' and then I busted out the dremel and started to grind it off. I ended up leaving a bit of it under the foot, pinned it to the base and did my work on it. Lots of fun.


Oh, and I like to do stories for my miniatures so I am going to go ahead and edit the messages up above and add in the stories that I write with them. Maybe something you'll enjoy ... feel free to let me know if I'm wasting bandwidth.

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