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question on AP Gear


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In the Beta rules, AP Gear is triggered anytime an enemy gets within so many inches of a unit armed with AP Gear.


Questions related:


1. If a unit with APG does get within so close of infantry, on the infantry's turn no matter how they move or not move, does the APG auto kick in as they would be within the range specified? and when would the damage be assessed?


2. Does the APG get a shot at each and every infantry unit, or just a single shot at the platoon of infantry?


3. Is the APG shots over and above any defensive fire shots?


4. Can a unit activate it itself by running up next to infantry instead of waiting for the infantry to run within range of it? If yes, would it be considered a run and gun or not? and again would it be directed towards each infantry unit or a single shot at the whole platoon?

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AP gear only works against infantry in base contact. It happens as soon as base contact occurs.


There is no damage, only a shaken token, which takes effect immediately after the discipline check fails.


APGear is not a defensive fire attack. If it was, you would get one or the other, but not both. Defenisve fire from multiple effects do not stack.


A unit can cause AP gear to kick in by coming into base contact with an enemy infantry model. If the model is shaken by this movement, then that shaken token would be in effect for an Close Combat that would take place as the second action of the unit which caused the base contact to happen.

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