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So what all are the rules...


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I'll try to be gentle here...


No son, there is no Santa, (well except Sophie of course) and there is no tooth fairie...


Hey maybe we should get together and NOT go to Vegas, or go to Vegas? Sad we were using the same dice, so I could not even threaten them!




Of course yesterday, I could not acquire TL, and he was almost every turn... I tell you the Gods of dice are fickle, whether they are represented by the the Great Emperor on Terra or the one the Great Prophet Khardullis showed us, but whose name we cannot speak.  


(Ok I run a Terran unit, I think, but still)



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How in the name of the Great Ogre did your Ogre manage to kill a Rhino?!?! It must have been on 7 or 8 tracks when you shot, cos otherwise the Ogre should have just bounced off, and then been hammered with the defensive fire.


As I said before, it's a real shame. I just hope the Mantis will be better, else my Borsig Spline collection will shrink sharply.

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Ya' Know, I was curious about the Ogre vs Rhino.  So I set out to try this in an equal points game.  Stock Rhino against an Ogre with +1 Pilot and a Repair upgrade (598 vs 599 points).  Playing against my buddies, no solo play.


I've won twice with the Ogre and once with the Rhino out of four games.  I've found that the Ogre seems to favor a much more aggressive and thoughtful style of play.  Not unlike Sabre vs MiG in Korea (but that is for another time).  The Ogre has to use it's slight advantages over the Rhino and get a few unanswered points of damage before closing in, which it can do if careful.  Luck doesn't hurt either, as you are relying on rolling three dice and hoping for some high-low splits.


One thing to keep in mind, is one of my opponents seems to have a "Rhino Curse".  Whenever he has taken a Rhino, he has lost it and the game everytime, without fail.  Go figure.  This same person is a very conservative player, and has not faired well with the Ogre.  The second player, basically mirrored my tactics I used against him when he ran the Rhino, but is also an aggressive player.


This is not a scientific study and your results may differ.   If you are using "stock", the Rhino should win every time.   If running only stock CAVs, I'd prefer the Ogre.  It's a little faster (but not much) at killing off non-super heavy CAVs with it's 3x +6 shots, and doesn't suffer the "range gap" of the Rhino.  This would hopefully let me kill off your wing-men and then I can hit your Rhino with multiple attackers.


And speaking of frigid streaks, I lost a Warlord (-1DT) to a Kahn in one round of fire and did no damage in Defensive Fire.  Ouch! :(

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The High Priest of the All Mighty Ogre is lossing faith???? ???


What is to become of all the faithful masses, yearning for his guidance and blessings?  Not to mention all the trash talking that'll be missed out on? :p


Seriously, you've just got to play up to the strengths of the unit you're working with.

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but in that case the Specter cannot fire, since achieving chain lock (and transmiting the information to the teams) takes all the time for the Weapons Officer
Not true.  A model can TL, fire and chain its TL all at the same time.


how many infantry stands can be in a unit?
Not exactly sure what you mean by that.  If you're talking about the miniatures, the blisters are designed so that you get 12 infantry figures and 3 hex bases, enough for 4 figs per base.  There's no official rule though, so if you have enough hex bases laying around, you could put one fig on a base and call it an infantry model.


If you're talking about game terms, an infantry model represents a 4-man Fire Team.  Just like all other models, a group of 4 comprises a section, although you're more likely to find them grouped in three's with an APC for transportation.


If you're talking about army composition, you can have as many or as few infantry figs in your army as you want.

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Basically, to "do something" requires power use.  Each "something", be it movement, a weapon, chain lock, etc, has a power cost listed.  If your available power falls below the total needed to do everything you want, you have to pick and choose, so that your total power use does not exceed your available power.
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