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What you're asking and what you're getting is actually a lot more than mere tactics. Army design and planning are a big part of the overall game playing. Design your force and plan the relative deployment and movement of your units. ten factor in what your opponent is likely to do in response. Then at gametime, look over the table and apply your plan. Keep your plan in mind and remember why you planned the way you did, but adapt to the enemy's deployment and then modify your plan if necessary. Try to figure out his plan. Try to anticipate his moves. It's a good idea ot design forces for lists that you do not play to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to get an idea for their plans. Always keep in mind that once the dice start flying, your plan may turn out ot be less than ideal and may need revision or scrapping. Learn from the past, plan for the future and live in the moment.

I know its true!


I dont have too much time to play this great game with friends and I eager to learn more about the Warlord, so I asked lots of thing. ::P:

I hope I can catch-up more before I play the next game.

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