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deep dark secrets

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Nobody should be embarassed about liking either the Smurfs or The Muppet Show. Both were great shows, and if they came out new today, I would watch them. They are also good shows to watch while drunk. The Snorks was good, too. Loved that ocotpus/dog thing. I also liked Fraggle Rock. And Tranzor Z. I guess I'm not ashamed of anything I watch on television or have watched in the past, except maybe The Facts of Life.


Oh, and there was this cartoon when I was a kid about dogs in a castle, anybody know what it was called?

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Holy Thread Resurrection Batman!


Did you watch the Gummis when they were on Saturday morning cartoons or the Disney Afternoon?


Okay, and honestly, how many of us when we were brand new to gaming at like 10 or 11 didn't try to make a Gummiberry Juice Potion ::D:








Toadie and Duke Igthorn. (A Freelance Force. Reven w/ Orba)

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The truly sad thing is that now, years later, I can still sing most of the Gummibears theme song (as well as DuckTales and a couple other ones.).


no the truly sad thing is I have the soundtrack, and it has been played in the last 90 days, loudly with singing along-ness.


Disney's Gargoyles were my fav of the lineup.

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Im surprised no one has mentioned Animaniacs. That was the good stuff.


Another theme song I still know.


yes, but do you know all the words to The song with the countries of the world?


IN order?







yeah, me neither.

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