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Can giant robots be that far behind?


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Might be fun for a bit, but it seems like just another reason to spend even more time with your butt in a seat and continuing the lazification of our species. :lol:


First Everquest provides a link for Domino's and now this. What's next "Self-inserted cathaters" so you don't ever have to get up?

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Between this and the latest experiments in direct neural interfacing, won't be too long before science can replace my flesh with metal.


Frank says "Boo to flesh!" :o)

And then your life will be at the mercy of a windows operating system... :wacko:

Nah, won't be using a software OS in anyway. Too much chance of the battery getting shorted or blown off :o)


I'm wondering what kind of ordinance you can fit on the other two in the picture :o)


Recon scout cars ahoy! :o)

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