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Question: Facing & casting spell into cc


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A model has front side and rear side.


I know you cannot conduct a defensive strike with the defender's rear side.

But Do normal attack must conduct from front side? :huh:

e.g. shooting, close combat, cast spell...



If a mage casts a spell into close combat, all friendly models in the AOE that survive the spell attack automatically suffer Shaken.

Except spell with AOE such as Ice Shards or teleport, are there any penalty to friendly model like firing into close combat does? ::o:

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For Q1, I know that you can at least do hand to hand against someone behind. Think about it in real life terms. If someone comes up and grabs you from behind, you can still kick at them or use your elbows or something. Obviously, in this kind of game you can't get that complicated so it's just simplified. Maybe they are a Jackie Chan master person and are just spinning around attacking everyone at once. ::):


For Q2, I would have to reread those AOE spells, like Fireball, and see if it specifically states somethings like "enemy models only". I would also look in the Magic section in the rule book. Maybe it states something to that effect. Unfortunately, I'm at work and the book is at home.


Boss "What's that book you're reading?"

Me "It's the Warlord rulebook. Cool, huh?"

Boss "Yeah, real cool. Now get to work!"

Me "Uhhhh...ok."





Wild Bill :blues:

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