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Section Composition??


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Section Composition?? How do you config. yours??? What Mission for each Section would determine what???


What do I mean?

In your sections do you put...


1 Base of Infantry, 1 Aircraft, 1 Hvy Cav and 1 Light CAV

- or -

4 Light CAVs - all staying together to concentrate fire

- or -

2 Light CAVs and 2 Hvy CAVs - Lights drawing fire, and the Hvys giving fire support.


With CAV2 on the Horizon, I guess things will change to a degree. But I'm sure Nerfing all your Tactics is not gonna happen.

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there are a few things I take into consideration.

I try to have all the movement rates approximately the same. The same goes for weapon ranges.

I also try to put in at least one anti-soft target unit within each section...ie 3 superiority and one supression or something similar.


Usually aircraft get sectioned with other aircraft and tanks with tanks and so on.


Most of the time I field an all hard target force. I figure in a game called CAV why use anything else.


I try to let my units compliment eachother within the section so there isnt any task they can't overcome.

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I Try to Group My Units based on Task.


Anti Hard units all go together.

Anti soft with other Support Units.

Infantry on their own. :B):



Why will I Group all my Anti Hard units together by themselves? Math. It seems to take me 2 units to eradicate 1 unit of roughly the same Value in one Turn.

Maximum Return for the least Return Fire.


2 Dictators on one Assassin. almost always get a Kill, and even if you don't you should have a crippled Straggler where there was a Competent Fighter. :ph34r:


If I am that worried about Soft / Small Targets, I will activate My Support / Anti Soft Stuff First.


I Rarely Split a Section between Support/Andti Soft and Anti Hard. I Usually Run Them all in one, so that each can concentrate on it's secialty First, then Support it's Team Second.


Make a Plan. Gather your Forces. Organize Sections. Stick to the Plan As Long as possible. Improvise as needed, and don't be afraid to Throw a Curveball every now and then. :wacko:



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I tend to stick like units together as well. The whole unity of porpose thing, Of course in smaller games the lack of flexability have come around and bitten me. Same thing happens when I lose my concentration and I let my units get too spread out and not able to support each other.

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