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Tactics: Volley Ranged Attack


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If I am not missing something about the rule of volley, It seems that the number of attacks only use to decide the size of AOE.


For example, a band of 5 Orc archers form a line and conduct a volley.

They have 5 attacks, so the radius of the AOE is 1.25".

When 6 models under this AOE and been hit, they may all die under the volley fire no matter actually there is only 5 arrows fire to them.


The volley fire only give the advantage of 6" extend range.

But the draw back is huge I think.

Think about the radius of 1.25" AOE. How many models will you cover?

Mostly likely not more than 5.

Although the radius of 3" AOE is not that good, just because to claim this size of AOE, your boys have at least 15 ranged attacks!


If you hit all of them, only 1 damage will inflict to each model.

And didnt like the normal ranged attack.

The attacker roll the die only once, add the lowest RAV and add any modifier compare to each model under the AOE.

So if roll very bad, you will not hit anyone.

But in a normal ranged attack, you roll each time you shoot.

This will even the odd and you can even kill muptliple wounds model if you hit the target successfully.


So how you guy use volley effectively? ::o:


Any input is appreciated! ::):

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You are correct that the number of attacks by participating models only determines the radius of the volley, but it is a separate roll for each model in the effected area.


As for the best use of volley? In my opinion, there are only three cases I recommend it:


1. If you can get more models in the radius than you could target with straight shots.

2. If you need the extra six inches.

3. If you want to nail something outside of Line of Sight.

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A prime example of a useful volley:


The troop leader is hiding behind lines of his troops (thus preventing a LOS direct shot). If your radius is big enough, you can all pinpoint the front model, and still get the leader within your AOE. You probably won't kill the leader, but maybe the loss of the damage track will make it easier to kill him with your melee troops that are now breaking his line.


Also remember, that Volley is very helpful with figures with Marksmen because they get the additional shots if they sacrifice their non-combat action because you get a larger radius for the number of models. e.g. 5 skeeters gives you a radius of 2" for your AOE because they can make 10 shots. Unfortunately, this also costs you 300+ points :down: But still a good thing to consider because of limits of troop sizes for leaders.

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Although I'm new to the game , I think volley can be rather useless , especially with troops that have the Marksman SA . You are more likely to find a situation where you are going to get more shots by standing there and firing , then grouping together for a volley in the hope of hitting something and becoming vulnerable to be fireball , etc . I have found that spreading my archers out provides more flexibilty then the chance of getting one long range volley off <_<

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