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Rule discussion: "Warlord Required"


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Just chiming in here to say that I would really appreciate the ability to upgrade a Captain to a Warlord, for a different reason.


I'm interested in running an all-Bladesister army, with Nicole in command.

I'm doing something like that - I was going to do an all-female evil army, but its expanded a bit to include androgynous and/or non-human minis. So I have my wraith harvesters, Anubis Guards, and at least one gargoyle.


When it comes time to choosing a Warlord, if there's not a female I like, I'll see who I like visually, and proxy them for the official mini (vampire for vampire, demon-ish for demon-ish, etc.). Although I think I may have a Warlord already, have to check when I get home.


Hmmm...that gives me an idea for a store suggestion...

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