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force configuration: Borsig-Spline


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I plan to get back into CAV with the release of v2, but would like to get a head start on painting. I have found the following list for Borsig-Spline:







Hornet AFV





Is there a site with a comprehensive list, or are the ones listed above all there is?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Are you planning to go with a pure B-S or pure Adonnese Faction force?

I don't know - not sure what the effective difference is from a game mechanics side, as I haven't seen the beta rules.


What is the difference in application between declaring B-S and declaring Adonese?


Back on topic, it seems all the models are released except the Dragonfly. Yes?

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You can't declare UCOR, Factions are only determined by government body (Adon, Ritterlich, Rach, Malvernis, Terran, Templar & Psyro). Playing Adon gives you access to all of the RMI and Borsig Spline models. You could use all B-S minis, but there wouldn't be any advantage to it or reason other than fluff.

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