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GW SM Commander, and a NMM page


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Well, first, here's a paint job on the plastic SM commander by GW:




Other views:





The base is made from DAS Clay... great stuff! And all the little checkerboards are freehand work... ugh! Won't be doing that again for a while! There was a lot more freehand on this piece than I would normally consider doing, but I gave it a go.


Well, and for all those interested, I finally put up a little page on NMM - the methods and colors I use - at my website. Just the general basics and colors - the NMM techniques based on my methods of madness.


Go to http://jestersminiaturestudios.com/


Click on the TUTORIALS button at the top navigation...


Click on the Tutorial #4 - "A discussion on NMM painting and recipies"

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The Space Marine Commander is one of my Favorite GW kits.


Jester's model there (which kicks hiney, btw) is just one of about a hojillion ways to put together all the bits included in the box.


It's a multi-part plastic model, so it takes a good bit more assembly than almost any Reaper model you've seen so far, but that's more than made up for by the fact that you have plenty of extra parts to combine with other space marine kits to personalize your army.


My first commander box has about fifteen models who use at least one part from it.


My second commander box was purchased specifcially to build Captain Gabriel Angelos from the Dawn of War Game. I only had to get two bits from outside the box -- One was a plastic head from the Space Wolves accessory sprue with a nice crew-cut (I had to shave the sideburns) , and another was one of the old-style commander backpacks that I had to snip the banner-pole from. Both of these were laying around my bits bins anyway.


I'll post pics when I get him done.

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I broke down the painting into segments: lower torso/legs; upper body/arms; head; backpack; standard; gun/hand; and the base. Once all were painted it was then assembled into the final piece. The details aren't as crisp as a metal mini, though, but there are enough there to make it ok to paint.


Cleaning up the plastic was a bit of a pain... but a few coats of priming evened things out enough for me to start on it.

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If you think of it in the very narrow terms of "I am only getting one space marine commander for $15", then I can understand your statement.


However, when combined with the ubiquitous space marine tactical box, you can get customized verteran sergeants out the wazoo with the parts contained in this single box.

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