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WIP- Comments Appreciated


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Here's the WIP log I was talking about starting like...three weeks ago. I decided just to do all four models in the log, as I'll be working on them at the same time anyway. So, here's the unpainted pics (though the monk is primed)





The monk conversion is a Reaper monk model (don't remember which one; it's pretty recent though) with a GW dark elf shade sword blade pinned on top of the staff, to make some sort of nasty-looking polearm.


And here's the basecoat on Rath Nashanneth:



Hopefully, the NMM will come out well (I have yet to actually finish a model with NMM, so this project could end prematurely...no wait, it can't. I need these for D&D. Arrgh. Well, these might be stripped depending on how they come out...

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Sorry this is so slow. Here's some work on the sorcerer:



And since I've got nothing else to post, I figured I'd add some commission army men I'm doing:



You can't really tell from the photo, but that mini's a good 3-4 inches tall. There's five others to match.


Oh yeah, his arm isn't attached yet. It's holding his rifle, and that would have caused problems as far as getting paints where they don't belong, so it stayed off. For now.


Hopefully, I'll be updating soon, but I'm gone this weekend, so maybe not...

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Yay! More pics. The first two are a test model for my warhammer (and probably warlord) elf color scheme. I'm not too happy with the highlights on the robe, but I can fix that when I actually paint them.




Next, some more work on my monk. I've added detail work on the clothes, and painted the eyes. Yes, they are bright blue (he's psychic). I don't think anything else has changed on him.



And finally, some work on the sorcerer. I've added to the armor, though I think it will have to change, as I've given up on NMM and am trying demi-metallics instead.



Comments welcome.

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Yay! An update less than a week after the last one!

Here's my newer version of Rath- I gave up on NMM, so have switched to demi-metallics. I might switch some parts back to gold, just to keep him from being a two-tone model, with only black and silver.



Same deal with the sorc- switched to demi-metallics (haven't done gold yet)



On my test scheme model, I've finished basecoating, added some brighter highlights on the cloth, and messed around with the belt a bit:



And finally, some barriers/fences/fortifications I'm working on:


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On the base, I'm mixing equal non-metallic and metallic paints. I might do the highlights with more metallics in them, to really get them to stand out, but my current method is just a 50/50 mix of matching colors- propaint armor gray with propaint steel plate and GW boltgun metal, gw codex gray with gw chainmail, and gw fortress gray with gw mithril silver (not much of that). Still have to figure out my gold mixes.

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