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I have to agree with everyone else so far - amazing waves! I really like the creepiness you've captured in the eyes and face, really a lot of expression and emotion there.

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Thats a *great* job, why would you feel pathetic?


The color choices are so rich and wonderful, and those are indeed some of the best waves I have ever seen.


It's a brilliant job. I was going to work on this model in a little bit, and I think I might like to ape your paintjob.

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Call me Blushy McBlusherson!


Well, I'm pretty new to this, but (I guess) previous experience with sculpting and mural-sized tromp l'oeil helped. So, um, where to start..


First the water. I've used Woodland Scenics Water Effects before, and I noted how long it takes to really REALLY cure. Also, it's sticky, so you can get a picture of rough seas and maybe a ship with a big bow shock (I went to a submarine site, I think) and just touch the glob of water effects and pull it into shape. For the bigger waves I found I had to hang the piece upside down to keep the waves from collapsing while they cured. I worked on the two big waves last, removing it from hanging position halfway to let them sag as nature would let them.


I also poked them a bit. Nature isn't always cooperative.


When they were REALLY cured (you'll know because they get just a tad cloudy and not perfectly clear), I hit them with a few coats of primer for hardness, and then painted.


As for the wood, I think the only trick I used that it worth noting is to add a bit of flourescent orange to a leather brown shade along with the sallow yellow flesh shade I use. That seemed to give the last few highlights that real wood has, warm and bright.


I hope that answers all the questions. ANd again, thanks so much for the encouragement!

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