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Multi-Part Models, Gaps & Green Stuff

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This is a pretty basic question I guess, and I never really thought of it before. Typically, I assemble my mini, fill in gaps, then prime and paint. However, as the mini poses become more "fluid" or "action-packed", the hard to reach areas of an assembled model become harder to... reach. ^_^


In the "old school", my general opinion was that if you couldn't get a brush into an area, then the odds were good that you would never "see" that area once the figure was in play, so no biggie.


I suppose if you use brush on primer (I use the spray on variety myself, being a bear of very little patience for that kind of thing), it might not be such an issue (since you can simply paint the primer on the green stuff). But do most folks here paint each component, then assemble the model, or build the entire thing, then paint?

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I'm going to give you the dreaded "it depends" answer. I prefer to have assembly done before painting, so that shading, etc. will be consistent across the joint. OTOH, if assembling is going to make an area difficult to impossible to paint, then I paint first. It also depends on if I'm going for a really spiffy paint job, or "for play" painting, in which case I'm a little less fussy.


I'm working on Batna the Succubus at the moment. In order to get to parts of her back, and the inside of her wings, I'm painting her wings and body seperately. As her hair extends onto the wing piece, I'm waiting until after the wings are on to do her hair so that the coloring and shading will help (hopefully) hide the joint. I also have a Winged Tiger that is getting the wings painted seperately. I could do it all assembled, but having the wings seperate made it easier to do the little fiddly detailing on the underside of the wings and striping the tiger's body.


My Wraith Harvesters, Nivar the Wraith, and some others, however, I've done completely assembled.


Also, assembly after painting can result in the need for touch-up, so the best method in some cases may be basecoating, some shading, assembly, then final highlighting and detail bits.


YYMV, of course...

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I agree with Otter - there is no absolute answer.


If possible, it is easier to assemble first, but I have done a few minis where the only way to paint the face or hair was to paint it before adding the figure's arms.


as always, YMMV

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