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Prophet's Assignment 2005 Spring Mini Exchange


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im going to post the pictures, but im not gonna say who gets it til the person gets it, im sending it off today... figured id take a few pictures, although im still learning my camera, and still learning methods for taking pictures... lol


having said that, i painted "Praying Paladin" one of the new minis (welkl, new when i ordered him last month or so)


i ended p having to put a small section of post it notes down to even up the heights... so it casts a bit of an incorrect color on the armor.. it was done using a bronze/copper i decided to make (using scord brown and brunished gold as the base, then bestial brown and burnished gold for the highlights) i used mithrill silver on the joints and sword, i used a few techniques for the hair, although you cant really see it all that well here... i started with base of red (blood red) then highlights that with blazing orange, then went back and added in more shadows with blood red (or red gore, cant remember), i then added a diluted wash of flesh wash to the recesses of the hair, then highlighted one last time with a bit of blazing orange (ever so lightly).... red hair looks pretty nice on a mini..lol


for the red tabard like thing, i started with a base of red gore, then highlighted with blood red, then washed with a wash i made of red gore, im not sure of the mix though.. haha


i do have larger pictures should anyone want to see those, but for now you'll have to make due with these versions


to see more of my minis, go to www.jamesandjennifer.net click on galleries, then on "Miniatures I've Painted" you'll see everything i've photographed thus far... poorly in some cases... LMFAO

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It may be just the pictures but to me it looks like his hair and tabbard could use a bit more shading. Give it a bit more depth. The metallis look pretty good, though they could use a touch more blacklining; around his knee and where his shoulder gaurd meets the neck coif. All in all not a bad job.

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