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How to kill a big monster like treeman?


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Strategies that have worked well for me in the past, dealing with melee powerhouses (my particular annoyance is a rather maxed-out Khong-To with Greater Magic Armor and Greater Magic Weapon)...


a) Fireball. Use a caster with a CP of at least 8, preferably more. This will not only almost certainly wound the target, it will also eliminate some of his support. If support isn't close enough, use Ice Shards.


b) Archers plink away.


c) Next turn: Cast Scare. Leave him Shaken -and- wounded and you've got a serious hunk of his DV out of your way.


d) More archers. Hopefully by this point he's taken at least two wounds.


e) Charge with at least three grunts and your own melee powerhouse -- as Darkspawn I usually use the Spawn of Mashaf for this, backed up by a pair of Isiri Warriors and a Paintender. Hack and Slash.

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In the most recent game I saw with a Treeman, he died in Turn 2 to the Necropolis player charging in every single model he possessed. The support bonuses gave him something disgusting, like a +14 or whatever. Treeman went down, killed 1 skelly with each defensive strike, but he stayed down, thanks to a well saved CDG.

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That's a way to do it but I cannot imagine the elf player leaving it ouot there to get stomped like that. The Elves have archers to thin the opposing ranks and if the skellies were that close, they must have made nice fireball or volley targets. Niriodel would seem to be pretty key if you're felding the Treeman so a cunnig elf would keep the treeman back far enough such that the skellies cannot reach him and use a spell like "speed" to close the gap in a surprise move and to hit them where not all of the skellies could reply. I cannot quite wrap my big bald head around the idea of fielding Mossbeard without Niriodel (and LMempowerment, speed and Bandages) or the Bear or Griffon without Ivar.


The skellies did the right thing and this Bryan's story shows that you have to be careful with your expensive units, especially if they have a base large enough to attrack so much attention. I'll firestorm my Golem before I allow it to go down to a swarm of weenies! :lol:

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