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Excess CAV minis


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Greetings all! I'm actually a Warlord player by trade, but recently a friend of mine has unloaded a bunch of his Reaper minis on me. Among these are some CAV minis (probably between 10 and 20), many of which are still in there blisters (though the packaging is slightly damaged).


As I've just recently purchased a computer and need to help pay it off/recover losses, I was wondering if people would be interested in a trade? Either for some more Warlord Mini's, or preferably, some cash. If anyone is interested, please drop me a PM or an email, or post. I'm at work right now, so I'll get a list up later. I don't really know much about CAV, and my time is really strained right now (otherwise I'd consider playing). I'm just looking for a good home for these guys.


If by any chance any of you guys play celtos, I have blisters of those too, mostly undead, though I seem to have some celtic-ish looking warriors.


I'm not trying to make any kind of profit here, so feel free to make an offer :)


Here's the list...


Still in the blister (remember, some blisters have bends in them)


KW Vanquisher x2

Birsig-Spline Ogre

KW Tyrant x2

Hvy Inf. Lt. Mortar

KW Dictator x2

Hv. Infantr.

Medium Mortar Crew

Hvy Inf. Hvy. Mortar

KW Rhino

Assault Grenadiers


KDM Wraith



Ok, I have about four tanks, two of them have four cannons aimed forward, the other two have a single cannon. If someone can point me to a site with pictures, I can try and give you a better idea, till then, that's all I got : \


I've also got some mechs, though they are in pieces. I wouldn't know how to describe them, but if you'd like some battle damaged mechs, or would like to repair and use, all the pieces SHOULD be there, but no guarentees.


As for the Celtos stuff, I'll get that up tommorow morning, I gotta get ready and go to work (I work night shift, so send me emails to keep me company! :))

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