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CCV Cowgirl

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As requested here is a break down of the convesion of Elsabeth Briarkiss into a cowgirl.


To add the lasso I clipped the whip off at the handle and carefully clipped it from the cloth, touching up the cloth with green stuff and adding a buckle on the middle strap where the whip had met the arm. I then took a reasonably flexible wire (I have no idea what type it is as I picked up a massive spool of it at a garage sale for 50 cents) and rolled green stuff around it. I extended the greenstuff out past one end of the wire by and inch or two and left the other end with wire sticking out. This allowed me to pin the wire into the hole I drilled in the handle where the whip had been. I then bent the wire into an arc with a loop at the end, took the end that had green stuff with no wire in it and wrapped it around to complete the loop going over the rope and then coming back in through the loop. I then twisted the rest tightly three times around where the wire ended to form the "knot".


To add the hat I first clipped off the wingish things in her hair, filed down the headband across her forehead and got rid of her fangs while I was at it. I then rolled out a thin layer of greenstuff and cut an oval in it with another oval cut out of the middle of that one so I had a wide flat ovalshaped donut. I rested this on her head where I felt the brim of the hat should go and then made a teardrop shapped lump that was flat on one side and stuck in on her head. I pressed it down in the middle to form a divit and spend a goodly amoutn of time trying to get it to the right size so that iwasnt too big or too small. While working on that I used more green stuff to pull up edges on the brim. I think I really needed to make the brim a little thinner as the edges came out looking kinda thick. I do think the paint managed to fix it s that didnt show as much though.


The gun was a real pain. I had originally been hoping to add one that was already sculpted on to it but nothing I could find looked properly pistolish. Everything was either very modern or very steampunk so I gave up and started working on my own. First I clipped the knife off, leaving the handle in her hand and accidentally taking some of her thumb with, grr. Then I drilled a hole and added a pin to it the way I would for a sword. I then rolled out a shot cylinder for the bullet chambers and added a rounded dome to one end. I tried several times to add the rounded shapes for each chamber and finally gave up in disgust leaving the whole thing smooth.I rolled out a smaller cylinder for the barrel and in retrospec I should have just used a good brass wire for it. I then attatched this to the chamber and pinned the whole thing on to the hand. Given that at this point (that's how far I was in these pictures) it didnt look right to me I went and tracked down pictures of pistols. I then created the triangular sight down the center of the barrel, added the cocking mechanism the trigger guard and bit of wieght under the barrel.



Full Painted Version



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