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Morg's photoshoot version 2.0


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Ok, photoshoot attempt #2.  


This time around, I added 2 lamps, one to either side of the mini and behind the camera.  THe one on the right  of the camera was a standard GE 60W soft white bulb lamp with a shade.  The other one on the left was a small halogen lamp with one of those flexible shaft dealies.  I also had the curtains open on the window directly behind the camera, and it was a bright shin day.


I used only large apetures this time.  IIRC, I managed to get it up to 27 or somehting.  Still not perfect by any stretch of the word, but better over all than attempt #1 I think.


SOmething odd did  happen this time that never happened last time though.  THe shutter speed was very slow.  It took about 15 seconds for the shutter to open & then close, and a few of the pics actually came out shaky (from handling I suspect).  The shutter release gizmo I bought didn't fit on the camera, so I have to try and find a new one.


ANyway, with such a slow shutter open/close sequence, some parts of the mini are still too dark for my taste.  (Recall that I am something of a perfectionist, and expect my pics to be White Dwarf quality by my third attempt.)  Increase the shutter speed  (so it closes slower/stays open longer,) meaning more light gets in, which means minis are illuminated better, but also means I risk over exposing the "bright parts" right???


This is certainly getting to seem rather ... delicately complex.

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DA!  Inlcude pictures would be nice....










Not sure what happened to the fighter guy....  It looked fine in Paintshop.  Must have had an bug while saving.


The ogre pic looks out of focus to my eyes, and his "layers of flesh are lost in the picture.  (He looks sort of "washed out").  this was actually the first mini that I tried to use blending on.  It turned out only slightly better than my usual drybrush and highlight technique, but took MUCH MUCH longer.


All the deep areas are lost in darkness.  THe same with the dwarf cleric again, and just like last time, his arms are shiny.  (I hate shiny....)


I forgot to mention that the only touch ups I did was a single "sharpen" filter.  I'm trying to get the hang of good photography[/i] habits before getting into image editing to try and fix the goofs.

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Yeah, the troll is out of focus.


I think your main problem is the dark, near black background. Remember that the smaller the number of the apeture on your lens, the longer the shutter speed is going to have to be to get a good exposure. If you are using "Apeture Priority" or a mode where the camera chooses the shutter speed, then you should get a good exposure regardless of the f-stop. The only difference you'll see in the pics is the depth of field.


I'd have to have a good look at the negatives (nearly impossibly online unless you have a transparency scanner) to tell if these were in danger of overexposure.


Maybe if you could add a light that is directed more at the background? That would lighten the background up a bit.

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You may be able to get rid of some of those hot spots (very bright spots) by diffusing your light source.  If you are using table lamps you might try draping the lamps with white cotton or cotton poly broad cloth.  It's very thin and will let most of the light through but it should help reduce the glare.  

Lighting your backdrop will help with separation as has already been suggested.  Use a different lite on the backdrop and make sure you are not lighting the subject with that light.  Just using a lighter backdrop could do the trick.  

I'm no expert btw and I've only take a few shots of my own minis but I know a bit about photography.

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