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Lots of pixies

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First, here's the Deliverence Faerie. I had to rip out the spear, open up the fingers, add in the mandolin, then sculpt finger extensions on. he was fun to make, not so much fun to paint.


I need "Dueling Banjos" scored for Mandolin.


Next: Pinprick Pixies from the Moonscar Court.

Legend has it that there are Fae for everything; Fae that steal your socks, Fae that curdle your milk, Fae that feed your toes to the badgers at night. Whether or not that they have an actual occupation, the Pinprick Pixies are nevertheless the Fae that stalk innocent mortals on wintry days. The sensation of pinpricks when bare flesh is exposed to freezing weather is their work. They exist regardless of the legend, and they can be very dangerous. Innately connected with the cold, these pixies prefer to hit their targets with icy blasts from a distance. If a mortal should wander too close, they are quite capable of defending themselves.


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