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Reaper ALIEN!

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I need some appropriate aliens for an upcoming adventure and the Hooked Horror was perfect. But I wanted some alien weapons. A bent paperclip wrapped in green stuff, a cut up tiny dowel, and you've got a ray gun!






That little wormy thing is what happens when you take a bit of green stuff, roll it into a cylinder and then twist it. I thought it looked cool, so that's a male alien.

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I keep saying it, Reaper makes great Sci-fi figs. They're just not labeled as such!


I would have put the worm on it's shoulder though, kinda like a trusty companion/cleanup crew. Just me though.

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There seem to be plenty of Dark Gothic Future minis from several manufacturers, a little less Near Future, Steampunk/Cyberpunk, etc. and a handful of retro sci-fi subjects ( but these tend towards campy ).


So why not a Dark Galactic Legends series of generic Sci-Fi subjects?


I can hope


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Oh Lordy, I even posted in that thread praising Reaper for having the business sense to not go ahead with a generic Sci-fi line until they were ready and had enough to support it.


I have no brain...

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