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Reaper ALIEN!

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Oh Lordy, I even posted in that thread praising Reaper for having the business sense to not go ahead with a generic Sci-fi line until they were ready and had enough to support it.


I have no brain...

I will refrain from commenting....

Must be a good dancing harem girl.... :lol:

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Yup. I had an idea for my own race for AICOM... The Yugg'othi, a very minor fungal race, who has just imerged in the CAV universe...


Now imagine them with '50-'60s style ray guns ang pistols and with bandoliers and what not strapped to them... Wow. The hamsters running on the wheel now. Immagine them with part bionic-like living machinery/part haphazardly thrown together machinery... I might just have to start writting up a background now...

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