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Black Primer

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Jester showed us at the RAC his primer technique - and while I don't have an airbrush I have learned I get decent results with a single coat of black primer (I use Floquil or Krylon) and once that dries, I do a quick dullcote. Once THAT dries, I do a light white primer coat (Again - Floquil). After drying, A 2nd zap of Dullcote.


My minis seem to have the details picked out pretty well, and using 2 coats of primer helps eliminate annoying silver show-through. (Kudos, Rob for that 2 color trick!)

I use the dullcote because no matter what I do, It seems I rub off my primer somewhere on the model and I hate brushing on primer - especially since I usually discover it after I'm halfway done basecoating. Even with 2 layers Dullcote I still seem to get down to the shiny pewter somewhere - usually the top of the figures' head.

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If you find your local rootbeer addict and get some 2 liter soda bottle caps (3 liters work even better) you can glue the figres to those minimizing almost all contact with the figure and your fingers.


I use white glue to connect the figure to the bottle cap. Then to remove the figure (after sealing it) I flex the bottle cap and the figure pops off with a ligglt twisting of the base.

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