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Go Team Venture


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Oh yes! Home movies very good. I had a bunch of episodes downloaded and just picked up season 1 on DVD.


I didn't know the same guy who does the voice for McGuirk does the voice for Jason :) Walter and Perry slay me.


Random Trivia - Patton Oswald shows up in the Renesence Faire episode which makes yet another time that he mocks D&D Players and the like (At least 2x on Reno 911)


"Have you ever seen two dorks fight? It's hilarous." - McGuirk

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I was wondering what happened to the Venture Brothers .. had my digital recorder getting them all and then the repeats started. Glad to hear that they are making a come back - I about busted a rib everytime that came on.


The shaving the sasquach was just too much.


"You could of told me ... (shiver) .. that it was a he." - Brock

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