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Martian Tripod


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Just about finished:



Sculpy and Greenstuff, big improvement over my last finished project.


I started this as an entry for last years Starshipmodeler.com Mars contest, but there's nothing like a deadline to make a person ignore a model for about 6 months ^_^


The feet still need some work, and the legs are a bit rough. Also I need to add the ears and eyebrows to the martian.


This Cover was my inspiration.


Reaper Gen. Drake standing in for scale.


All comments and suggestions welcome.


(CMON link:Martian Tripod)

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Thanks everyone!


I can't update the image on CMON, so I need another place to host updates.


The martian though is not very good at this point. I'll make sure to post a closeup when the piece is painted.


Oh and those are 1/16" copper tubes for the legs, sunk into the sculpy or gs. It's still a tad wobbly, so I'm going to increase the size of feet.


Thanks again.

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Huge thanks to Hexxenhammer for hosting these!


I finished off some details, here's the Martian's face:


The sanded gs bit isn't the Martian's arm, but a connection for the two pieces of copper forming the deathray.


And a side view of the tripod:



I had an awful time trying to get the Martian's ears right :angry:


Oh, a thought on basing. It stands pretty well now, but what do you guys think, should I stick a base under it?


Not real happy with the feet, and there are rough bits to the Martian's head, but overall I'll call it finished, and start painting!

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Starting to paint this, should have pics up one day, did a base that looks like a Horta with mange (flock and I don't get along so well), but it's ok.


I've been inquiring about casting, and since I never intended this for a master, it looks like there's way to much to do to get it into the proper shape.


What do you all think?


Oh yeah, plus it's not really good enough to sell I think (the feet are the worst bit). And why am I painting this if I wan't it to be a master? I tell you, at the tender age of 23 my mind is already going...

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