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Reaper, #2246 Elquin the Daring


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Here's the near completed mini ... I have to re-do the bottle I sculpted for my outta GS, but so far so good.

After I got the basic colors on I proceeded to add shading ... simply black/brown washes on the hair, boots and pants, staff head etc.


Then I worked on the cloak by adding layers of grays up to white.


You can't really see the color that well on the trim of the cloak, but it's a royal purple with black backed yellow buttons ... man, that was a lot of dots :-)


Finally, I gave him a light spray of mattle finish, (I stop now and add a coat of protection to insure I don't start rubbing paint off) and continue on with some more details. As you can see by the pics, there's lots left to do.



Here's a shot of my first gem:


(man, I gotta work on better camera fu).


Any comments and suggestion really needed ... having a heck of a time getting the bottle to look good, or atleast like a potion of some sort ::P:

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Hmm, looking at the pictures I don't think the cloat is bland so much as a bit washed-out/over-exposed. But with the inner clothing in dark colors and the coat a lighter one, it's a hard setup to photograph.


I like it, particularly the little fussy detail bits and the basing.


Is the trim on the tunic metallic-looking in real life?

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