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Starting Elves

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So, I've decided to drop Warhammer for the time being and switch to Warlord. The problem is, I want to get all the stuff in one order and really have no clue which models to get. I'm obviously looking at the starter set, but don't know what's in it.


So, suggestions for a shooting-heavy (very shooting heavy) elf army?

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If you subscribe to the theory that "the best defense is a good offense", you could try:


Selwyn with medium weapon and armor

Lysette with a firestorm, a dispel, and four ice shards

3 warriors

6 archers



750 points on the nose, with 6 blisters purchased.


Two troops, crazy-mad casualty infliction until they get in melee with you.


How many points were you planning on fielding?

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I've got no clue, but I think I'll collect at least 1000, maybe go up to 2000 or so. I'm not planning on doing any tournaments or anything, so I think I'll be proxying in high elf archers, so I won't have that many models to paint- just melee warriors and leaders.

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