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WORST five movies!


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Enough of this favourite pie, movie, and song business. Let's be mean for a bit. ::P:


Here's my bottom movies list:


Return to Neverland

Garfield: The Movie

But I'm A Cheerleader

Alien Apocalypse (or any of that awful series)

Predator 1&2


*EDIT* Sue me, I can't count. :down:

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Top Posters In This Topic

The Whole Ten Yards


Battlefield Earth


Batman and Robin (The movie before this one wasn't great, but it didn't come close to the horror inflicted upon us in this 4th sequel; hopefully all will be redeemed in the upcoming flick)


Crybaby (Johnny Depp, what were you doing!)


I dunno, I can't come up with a 5th :) I'll have to think about it

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Oh my there are SOOOOOOOOOOOO very many...


*Generally speaking anything involving Hugh Grant or Julia Robers - doubly so if they are both in it.


*Anything that Bruckheimer and Bay team up on. Anything that Shumacher does with the exception of "Falling Down"


*Any Starwars film after Jedi (and jedi treads dangerously close)


*Pearl Harbor - Ok.. Titanic had a big ship that sinks and a couple's love story in it (and was rubbish - but thats besides the point) and it does well in the box office.... lets go one better and sink a bunch of big ships, and make the love story better by adding one more person!


*If it's run on the Sci-Fi channel 3 times a day, or better yet is a Sci-Fi channel "Original picture" then it's probably on this list.


*Independance Day

*Event Horizon (does it want to be sci-fi? Does it want to be horror? It peters out on both! and it's such a good concept)

*The Incredible Hulk

* Pretty much anything with Tom Cruise... doubly so for Top Gun

*All of the Karate Kid movies

*Robocop 3

*Leonard part 6


Grrr... I think once you hit the 80's, it gets REALLY bad.



This should probably be a beehive conversation, people are going to get upset. :)

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Oookay..and I swear I've actually seen all of these all the way through.. regrettably.


Howard the Duck - What's it about? .. I'll tell you what it's about. It's about ninety minutes of MY LIFE, WASTED!


Ishtar - I knew this one was going to be bad before I saw it, but I wanted to see if all the bad-press was true..and it was.


A Very Brady Movie - ...? I was bored... VERY bored.. and there was no hornet's nest or exposed electrical wires in the house to play with.


Zardoz - proof that not all Sean Connery films are good, though Steve and Unglef both LOVED it.


Barbie and the Rockers in Space - *cringe* Ohhh the things we do to humour our little girls... a plot? We don't need no stinkin' plot!

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Predator 1 and 2? One has Ah-nuld (and Jesse Ventura) and Two has Gary Busey (lions and tigers and bears, oh my)! How can they rank in your bottom 5? See more movies.


I don't have 5, but I can tell you one real STINKER from last year, Birth.


I had to watch it for work (well, I didn't HAVE to, but what else are you gonna do when you have to babysit a movie). It had no redeeming value. Recycled plot, no characters you cared about, flat acting on top of that, and a "twist" that fell on its face (and then another "twist" that left you saying "huh?"). It wasn't supposed to be hack movie either, they paid good money to preview it for a whole 4 local movie reviewers.

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For the most part - I don't like the movies that critics all rave about. If the credits contain the item "Merchant-Ivory" then I don't ever want to see it.


Some of my picks for the most dreadful pieces of $!^!% I have ever made the mistake of watching:


A Room With a View (I still, to this day, have no idea why I just didn't leave when it started)


Lost in America (yuppies in a motorhome, dreadful)


Oh Brother Where art thou (like the soundtrack, but after 20 minutes, decided I'd rather watch the static of the cable channels I don't get)


Fargo (it was probably an ok movie, but after all of Roger Ebert's hype of how great it was, I was thoroughly disappointed)


American Beauty (this was a case of taping the wrong movie off of HBO, I meant to watch American Pie, which I liked a whole lot more)


I would rather watch any of the Roger Corman, Fred Olen Ray, Jim Wynorski (and whole bunch of others) low budget sci-fi or horror movies than sit through one of those ever again (and I think I'd rather remove my liver with a spork than sit through a Merchant-Ivory film festival)

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Humm...I'm very picky about movies but here's some that I'll put into "I've wasted 2 hours of my life" category:


House of the Dead: Can someone explain to me WHY they felt the need to add footage from the video game into a movie? And WHY was Jürgen Prochnow in it? Is he short of cash? Totally wasted talent.


King's Guard: A B movie from Lion's Gate, probably the WORST movie I've seen in years. Utterly predictable plot, token characters, predictable romance. I picked it up because they used a reenactment from the War of the Roses in it, and I thought it was a little-known Brit movie or something. It pays to read the blurb. Had Ron Perlman in it...


Amazons and Gladiators: On the B side of the above B side. Was actually better. About Romans and Amazon Gladiators. You should be able to tell the quality right away. Best part of the movie was the scene where the servant girls are all topless!


Damon, scrambling for cover...

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Eh, "Earth Girls are Easy" was pretty foul.


I saw only glimpses of it, but "Scenes from a Shopping Mall." was beyond foul. There was no real plot to that and bad acting.


I never saw "Battlefield Earth" so I cannot comment on it.


I never saw "Howard the Duck" either but I heard from my Parents that it lacked a lot of necessary things, like a plot.


Back when I was in graduate school there was a Tom Cruise flick out whose name I cannot remember. All I know is the entire movie made no sense and there were frogs falling from the sky in a part of it. In the Movie Tom Cruise played some sort of womanizing creep who ran self-help seminars for men who wanted to get the woman of their dreams or just get laid. In the movie he wouldn't acknowledge who his real Father was until he sat by his deathbed watching his Father die of Cancer. Anyways, whatever it was titled it was not something I would torture myself with by watching it again.

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Titanic - waaayy overhyped. It just wasn't that good. Heck, I was rooting for the iceberg, chanting "sink, sink, sink" by the end. If I'd been in a theatre, the frenzied mobo of teenage girls would have killed me for it.


Highlander 2 - The Sickening. There should have been only one.


Higher Learning - I like some of Spike Lee's stuff, but this one was so full of stereotypes and it bludgened you with it's overt message. Could have been a good film, but it missed it by a huge mark


Gads - I know that they are more, but I have mercifully blanked them out. When you work a couple years in a movie theatre, you see a lot of bad moveis, and if you're lucky, a couple good ones.

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"Bed of Roses" a romantic comedy... I think. Gyah! The suckiness!


Hmm, memorably bad is such a tough category. There are a lot of films I've simply avoided. Like anything about the Vietnam War.


"Phantom Menace" was pretty bad, but not totally without redeeming features. Like that scene where those droids come tantalisingly close to putting some well-deserved hurt on the species that whelped Jar Jar Binks and then failed to destroy him at birth.


"Fast and the Furious" was pretty crappy.


So that's 3.......

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