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WORST five movies!


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*If it's run on the Sci-Fi channel 3 times a day, or better yet is a Sci-Fi channel "Original picture" then it's probably on this list.*

SaintRigger's comment pretty much covers it for me.


I don't usually go to a theatre unless I'm pretty sure I'm going to enjoy the movie. I did see "The Haunting" on a free pass and wanted my money back anyway.



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Consider adding The Lady and the Highwayman to any list of the greatest celluloid disasters. This stinker, based on a Barbara Cartland "historical" romance, has a surprisingly all-star cast. Michael York and Oliver Reed manage not to suck, somehow, but you won't find it on the resumes of Claire Bloom or Ian Bannen. Hugh Grant, in a severely eighties hairstyle, is almost painful to watch, but even he's fun compared to the embarrasing performance of Emma Samms.


It's worth at least one viewing, maybe, if you like so-bad-it's-good trash. Watch carefully for a side-splitting moment as the king's mistress shuts a door and squeezes off a strange expression as what may be her boot makes a suspiciously post-digestive noise that the muddy soundtrack renders hilarious.


Utter crap, but I found it delightful. Once.

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I agree: Event Horizon stank. Wasn't very scary and the SF elements couldn't hold it up. Even the basic premise was really lame IMHO (i.e. a Black Hole being a gateway to Hell or something). If you know an inkling of science or astrophysics, the whole thing falls apart in little time...



The "exploding bolts" that actually blew up the ship put me over the edge watching that movie. And the guy rocketing back to the ship using his oxygen or whatever. "Lets see, I'll just compute the orbital mechanics and velocities in my head and I'm sure I'll make it."


Also an entry into the "Latin is a scary language," school of horror.

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