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CAV Greens


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Ok, I'm gonna get stomped for asking this but, where in the scheme of priorities and timeline does this get put?


I mean for the past year we have been begging for CAV minis and we have been averaging about 1 new mini every 3 months.


There are still a dozen or so minis that have yet to even have their first runs, much less their second.


With this announcement, does this mean that finally, finally all the computer 3D printer machines are finally working like they were suppose to a long time ago such that they were actually going to help speed up production instead of bring it to the grinding halt that seems to have happened over the past year, and we'll start seeing more CAV minis "sooner" rather tan later..


I am still anxiously awaiting:







I am happy to hear that the new planes will be in N-scale (even if it does mean that I will end up paying probably twice as much for each now).

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What we should see is that the remaining CAV's to be released will be released with the newer scaling for the aircraft and vehicles, in the normal production cycle. Then the others will probably get done as we can.


so in reaper speak thats a "Sooner" then a "Soon"


Mad Pat

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What if I promise that there will be CAV "Greens" (Whites? Resins?) tomorrow, but don't tell you what they are?

Well Bryan, after lots of thought, I'd have to say that my responce would be to sound the horn and open up a freshly shaken Rhino sized can of whoop-arse in your direction.


Course, if you don't go to Origins this year, then you'll be fairly safe.....


.....you think..... :o)

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