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Painting Lizardmen...

Super Jag

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Anybody have some tips about painting Lizardmen in a relatively "lazy" and time efficient manner, without giving up on too much of the depth?


As a related point... I'm also considering painting them somewhat differently, but not TOO extraordinary, than "typical" Lizardmen schemes.


For now I envisioned:

1. spraying them with a brownish primer/paint base

2. green inking the models

3. silver painting weapons & shields (brown for wood shafted items)

4. black ink washing the silver items.

5. minor details (e.g.: eyes, teeth, etc.)


Frankly I'm not sure I can convince myself to paint sloppy or lazy just for the sake of speed, but I really don't want to put much effort into this particular batch of Lizardmen. And like I said, I am interested in a "different" paint scheme.


Thanks for your suggestions.

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