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Warlord Dwarves (four pics)


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I honestly don't know what I used for the beards and hair. I was trying to give them varying colors of hair for a more natural look, I mixed pretty much all of them. I did not use inks on the beards, as a matter of fact I do not use inks much. I find them hard to work with. I used underpainting. Basically I highlighted the beards twice with thinned down white before painting on the actual colors (also of course thinned down for transparency). Then I went ahead and highlighted, again with thinned down, but not as transparent colors (I did need speed after all). No shading was necessary as the underpainting takes care of that. All hair and skin was done this way. It's fast and I think the results are good enough at arm's length. They obviously wouldn't stand up to close scrutiny.


Eric has a good tutorial on his site for underpainting (http://www.lonebrushman.com/). I used Vallejo white instead of Titanium. I did not see enough difference in the end result, and I have an easier time with the Vallejo, so I went with that.

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