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And so CAV begins

Crusoe the Painter

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My Computer translated the Japanese as

(The computer) with the control of support, movement of the robot

itself front and back left and right, was made the foot operation by

four pedals. With that, as for operation of the gun which is attached

to computer left and right even when moving with the both hands

operational. Just this even with big robot simply operational! Now

presently, the development machine is only the computer, but while

being close, robot opposition (the game), in actual ones...! ?

The data total height 3m 40cm gross weight 1000kgw embarkation staff 1

name power engine (250cc) handling 2 type of the ? foot two foot

walking travel speed speed per hour 1.5km/h on-board equipment air gun

which is done (the cushion ball) right side Balkan type (6 departure)

the left side shot cancer/gun type (6 departure) the cockpit monitor

(change expression) under under and after before the computer

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I have nothing half that cool at my house! ::):

If you come up for NukeCon next fall, you'll have to come by my house and I'll show you my grill. I'll take something that cooks meat over a skating egg anyday! :poke:


Plus it'd probably be handier in a war. While that things rolling to the battlefield, I could pull up w/my grill and distract the bad guys with some T-Bones! :lol:

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I would have been more impressed with a Paintball Gun or an Airsoft MG.


They might be someplace where their Govt has them Restricted though.


Nothing worse than having to re-create a Potato Gun just to have your CAV look Decent........ :grr:


ED209 it is not, but hey, start somewhere!!!!!


Now they just need to get it walking, not shuffling....... :blues:




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