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The Alberta Miniature Painters are having a Painting event at the new Rogue Trader store in Red Deer, Alberta on Saturday, April 30th.




The event will include painting, tips, display, photos, and general visiting and fun times! Members of TAMP will be voting on an in-store painting contest, so there should be lots of photos when all is said and done!


For more information, please contact me :)

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This is going to be some cool I think. An old Albertan has just left Norway to move back to Edmonton, so it will be his first meet if he can make it as well!


Not to mention our "Special Guest" that will be so fun to meet and hang with :D


I doubt I will get any paintign done at all now... Between judging, visiting, tips, etc. I guess I always manage to sneak a few hours in :D


Only two weeks left now!

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I can't make it I fear... work is being very... workish. 52 hrs OT in the last 6 days, and going back for 24 more this weekend. :wacko:


I'm feelin'g the burn I tell ya what! Springtime in tha patch... gotta hate it.


Give everyoen a big T-I-double-GA-er "HULLOoooOoooooo!!" for me Zaph man.

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Well I have to say thanks to Angela and Jeff for coming out. I think we had 6 or more folks sitting around painting at one point or another which is quite impressive for such a young club!


Also I have to say that meeting anf hanging out with Gus was just a huge pleasure!


Thanks for coming :D I hope you had a ton of fun. I know I did, though like I said, next time, I get to play the Stasis deck :D

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