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Paint it black!

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Does anyone have a good technique for painting. I especially like the way Liliana Troy does her blacks - like on Dana or Maria's boots


I want to do models in black leater, like pants and jackets since I have a bunch of street gangs and stuff, but I can't get it to look right - either it's too grey and looks sloppy or there is too much white and it doesn't look quite right.


Any input would be appreciated.. I'll try to get some pictures soon of some past attempts.

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for the boots I paint and want a shiny look to it I use Vallejo Gloss black from the model color line.. paint it that color as a base coat.. then from there I take black ink or smokey ink and thin it out and use that as the first layer and adding in a light grey color to it gradually building up the layers with by adding more grey to it (till I get the look and shading I am trying for) At this point you can take smokey ink really thinned down and go over it with that to even the highlights out a little more.. . Once I get the actual look I am going for, I take a satin brush on sealer from Vallejo and use that as the final coat. it gives it a nice semi shiny look to it.. rather nice too :) (the main thing is to use really thinned out paint.. you can always add more pigment to the mix.. but it is harder to take away if you have not done enough thinning.)


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It's pretty tricky, but basically what you need to do, it bring your highlight from black to pure white (or almost pure white) on a very small area while still keeping the transitions smooth.


When painting a non-shiny material, the highlights change from dark to light over a large area. For shiny stuff, it needs to go from dark to light in a very small area. A bit like painting NMM really.

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Try glazing wiht black ink after you are finished. This will tone down your blends and might give you that shiny look you are going for.


Now, I've never tried this, so it's just theoretical.

I have tried this and can vouch that it does work. Whether it's exactly as you envisioned will be up to you to decide.


I once painted a CAV spider mech to look like a Black Widow spider... I applied a coat or two of black ink wash over the orginal black paint and got the glossy effect I was looking for.


Good luck.

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Jenova - Whats a good intermediary grey to use - or should I just mix the white with the black in small parts? Also, I've seen it done with a warm white - so is it possible to work it up to a bone color?

Well, I don't think the actual colors matter that much. I'd probably do:


Black --> Armour Grey --> Ash Grey --> Granite --> a little bit of white.


But that's just because I hate mixing paints. ::P:


Just mixing white and black can work, but a most white paints have a large pigment size making them an absolute pain to blend. Bone might be slightly easier to work with than white. If I was using bone, I'd probably just start with black and then mix with bone without using any greys.

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