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Line of sight rules conflict


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I have a question about an apparent conflict in the rules for determining line of sight.


According to the rules, vehicles block line of sight for other vehicles by not for CAVs.


Therefore, consider the following situation:


You have two Hunter tanks travelling down a road, one behind the other.  Out on the road ahead steps a Dictator CAV.  According to the above rule, the Dicatator can fire at the rear Hunter tank because the intervening Hunter tank does not block its line of sight.


However, the rear Hunter tank will not be able to return defensive fire against the Dictator, because the intervening Hunter tank DOES block its line of sight.


This doesn't make sense to me.


In addition, the rules mention the "Golden Rule of Line of Sight" which says if you can be seen to be shot at, you can see what's shooting at you.


So which rule prevails?  The vehicle line of sight rule, or the Golen Rule of Line of Sight?

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