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Keeping Units "seperated"

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I honestly don't think the banding changing the size that much of a deal - someone would REALLY have to be a stickler to get upset about it - and I'd be more concerned with me moving grunts of different troops in one turn.


Besides, if someone does get all huffy, kindly point out the plastic bases are *just* under 1", anyways. :)

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I've seen players loop small colored paper clips over models for various tracking reasons to help distinguish one troop from another. Perhaps by looking around the hobby stores there might be some "alternative" smallish items that could be placed on models in a similar fashion. Personally I had envisioned small donut shaped colored rings that could easily fit on weapons or body parts. The small tack/nail on the base and putting a colored bead on it does work quite well too.


And play nice guys... there's plenty of kitty poo in the sandbox for everyone to throw around.



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Boy, look out for those aussie rules lawers. You are just a liable to get a rule book thrown at you as you are a bottle across the face.


I used to play with a guy who would chuck (his beautifully converted) GW minis around when they 'didn't do well'. Sadly he was 35 and one of the store owners (it's a wonder why that store folded). Anyway, I'm used to ducking incomming objects during mini games :)

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