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What's on your bench?


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Just another random "What are you doing?" thread.


On my table right now is are three FASA trek ships (A chandley and an excelsior, and a romulan destroyer), two Babylon 5 wars Dilgar ships (names escape me), all basecoated.


Also an Iron Golum being converted, a scratchbuilt robot, and painting my martian tripod.


At my current rate, I will finish none of them :lol:


So what's on your table?

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Paint rack, two lamps, various packaged minis, Dremel and bits, books, papers, a wooden shelf, a stuffed Psyduck, and other junk.


Basically, I haven't finished setting up my workstation, so it's still in major disarray.


Off the bench, I've got Marthrangul that I'm working on cleaning off mold and flash so I can take him to ReaperCon. I've got various other minis going into prep mode for the same reason.

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hmm... well, whats currently being worked on:



just got this guy, putting him together.



02440 : Quinn Rowan, Highlander

02637 : Marcus Starsong, Young Wizard

02909 : Nienna, Female Elf Ranger

02835 : Jolie, Female Scribe

14133 : Celestial Lion


so thats it.... man though, that lion was a friggin joy to paint..lol... hes based up on the normal warlord base he came with, i may do some base work on him, im not sure... but man he was fun to paint.. (havent painted animals before, i loved it)


the other minis with the exception of the inquisitor guy are in various stages of finish.. quinn for example has most of his base colors on, as does marcus, although i took off the staff, im going to put a spear in his right hand, as soon as i find one i like.. jolie has her base colors on, and im slowly working on her... nienna.... wow... man shes hard to nail a scheme down for... hah

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An amber dragon that became a frost dragon, a whole bunch of KDM CAV's waiting to become the CAT Force, a few unpainted Spartan CAV's a bunch of half painted templar's and skeletons, a recently stripped Girard, a base coated Judas, two half-built cars for a game I never should have bought, a really, really cool wooden, hinged toolbox type box my girls bought me for Fathers day that has all my paints and brushes in it and a lamp. *PUFF,PUFF,PANT,PANT*



At the rate I've been going I should be done with all of them in April 2037.

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Right now, taking care of the miniatures for the summer cons. I'm doing prep work (trimming & priming), but it's a lot of the same 7 figures, so it's getting a little repetitive. I should be done by Sunday or so (I'm down to a couple hours trimming, and then the prime-fest), so tomorrow I am going to pick up some 15mm Flames of War figs, just as a break.


Once I finish those (ha!), I'll start back in on some Warlord figs, and a couple Warmachine pieces that have been sitting unfinished for far too long. Plus a couple WIPs that are being stripped down and reassembled, now that I have more green stuff.

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I have an Eastern Front mermaid in need of basing work (it will be in one of the Chessex clear plastic minis boxes for a display piece for a friend of mine), a Reaper medusa (the old 2-piece one, not the more recent one) which needs to be transplanted onto a larger, more stable base and a dwarf (intended to be a ReaperCon paint contest entry).


have a box full of minis in need of prep & priming to take to ReaperCon to work on.

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For Warlord: All are primed and based.

9 Bull Orc Warriors - 3/4 done

13 Skeeters

6 Bull Orc Hunters

6 Beastmen

8 Bull Orc Archers






River Troll



Braug - 1/2 done.

Yagun Oog


Umbor Skulltooth

2 familiars - Imp and Dark Faerie


Still have another Kharg/Narg/Umbor/and pack of archers/hunters/warriors still in blisters for making a monster sized force.



For Gaming:

2909 Nienna Female Ranger

2369 King Denethall

14021 Shad Coalshadow - converted for an archer. Sitting for over a yr though.

2769 Woody, Halfling Ranger

2288 Garnuk The Ogre


Don't even get me started on how many are either primed or out of the blister, cleaned and waiting for primer...

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Hmm, 2 of the McFarlane's Dragons line that mor may not be mounted to an AOL disk for use in Warlord. SOme Mechwarrior: Dark Ages pieces thatb will be repainted for use in normal Battletech. Some minis that I just used my airbrush on (getting over that fear, YAY!), my dremel, two carrying cases, pics of minis stickytacked to the wall behind it, tupperware containers, occasionally a cat or two, and a note reminding me to get more Grrrip Glue after work today.

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