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I e-mailed ReaperBryan a couple weeks ago about problems I was having withthe Reaper Ink Extender, and he suggested asking Anne. I figured I'd post this here because I can't be the only one having an issue with this.


I ordered two bottles of extender about a month ago fro the online store. When I got them I found they were not working with my usual ink wash mixes. They turned everything milky and it was almost like they had some pigment to them. I figured I they must have froze or something, so I went to my FLGS and bought another bottle. Same issue.


I figured maybe I was seeing things and it was my inks that got damaged some how. I dug through my paint and take kit and pulled outthe extender I had for PnT events and tried it. It works fine.


So my question is, was there a change to the extender formula, or perhaps a bad batch of extender out there? Has anyone else had this problem or comlained about this? I have to admit, I'm probably over dependant on my ink washes, but with this extender problem I am really in rough shape when it comes to army painting. :huh:

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