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I'm not a huge Superhero fan so I came to the ones I've seen with fairly open mind.


Elektra - visually very nice, some good cinematography. Jennifer Garner is a Babe but I'd give it only a 5 or 6 out of 10 as it's a bit plodding at times and she can't act. Charles Dance is merely paying the mortgage.


X-Men - You have to see this one, great cast, some good development for non-comic book fans so you know why you are suppossed to care about the characters and good set-pieces for the action fans.


Not seen the others but I believe Daredevil is very good, Spiderman 2 less good than the original but still fairly decent, Hulk appalling and X-men 2 again OK but not as good as the original. Ymmv.

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I liked both Spiderman movies, primarily because Toby Maguire was very believable as Peter Parker. The Hulk was a total disapointment. I am a great admirer of Ang Lee, but the movie failed on many levels. It forgot WHY we like the Hulk to begin with.....He's big, green and wrecks stuff.....the movie spent too much time on the "Greek tragedy" aspects of Banner, and not enough on the "unleashed id" of his alter ego....I thought Daredevil was OK, and I'm no Ben Affleck fan...He did well though....Jennifer Garner as Elecktra, was pretty, but lacked any of the fire that makes that character so interesting....emotional range from "A" to "B"....Both Xmen movies were well done, and had a friendly "learning curve" for non-comic fans, without being the "90 minutes of intro;ten minutes of plot" that constitutes a Batman movie, the wonderful animated films not included.


Best comic book movie in years...Hellboy....


Now where is that "Watchmen" movie we've been hearing about for fifteen years.....?

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i liked all of them that ive seen (havent seen elecktra) and actually own them including hellboy(tied with x/x2 for my fav) alot of ppl didnt like the incredable hulk, i can agree with them that the cgi is a bit cartoony but i thought it was well done, other complaints i heard about hulk was there was not enough action which i just found amusing, oh darn it had a good story and wasnt just mindless action, id suggest them in this order


hellboy(gotta keep adding this cuz DS is right this is one of the best)



spiderman 2


incredbile hulk

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Spider Man 2

Better than the first movie, I assume you've seen it since it's not on your list (8 out of 10)


The Incredible Hulk

THe Hulk was my favorite suoper hero growing up, this movie was such a bastardization, and so so horrible. Visually it looked terrible, the effects were extremely sub-par, and the Hulk himself looked extremely lame (2 out of 10)



I've not seen this movie, but I disliked DareDevil quite a bit, so I can't imagine sitting through this movie.


Dare Devil

THis movie was a letdown for me, it was pretty terrible (4 out of 10), there were visually a few things that saved it from being a total waste.



I actually like this movie, I was entertained by it, there were things I didn't like, but the good stuff outweighed it (6 out of 10). No cliffhanger ending that I can remember.


X-Men 2

This movie (Like SPiderman 2) was much better than the original, you get the introduction of some pretty cool classic X-men and villians(Iceman, Pyro, Gen. Striker, Nightcrawler), and you get a glimpse or some pretty cool characters to come (SHadowcat, Collosus). It was a pretty sweet movie, I've seen it several times and not changed my opinion (7 out of 10).


RE: Hellboy

I wasn't nearly impressed with this movie as other people seem to be, It was alright, but I can't see ever watching it again, Ron Pearlman did do a fantastic job as Hellboy though so that was a very redeeming feature (6 out of 10).


Just a note: I've got to say are far as comic book movies go, I'm a huge fan of the much maligned Unbreakable, I really enjoy this movie (7.5 out of 10)

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Spiderman 1 & 2 both very good. Deep films, beautifully rendered characters (and I dont mean the CGI).


XMen 1 & 2; both were good, I liked the second one much better than the quite good first; they compress the comics a lot but I liked that, being about 50% fan and 50% detractor of the comics.


Daredevil and Elektra; don't make time especially to see it, but it's OK entertainment.


The Incredible Hulk; I wouldn't bother but some people loved it.


The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Spremacy; great movies with excellent contiuity from one to the next.


Finally, if you love scifi action stuff, you will in all likelihood get a kick out of Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick- the first has a much deeper plot than most give it credit for, and the second is like Star Wars for people who like violence ;) . Underrated and entertaining. The main drawback is you either get really sucked in by Riddick or you loathe him, and that polarity seemed to pretty much sink Chronicles like a big lead boat as far as the box-office was concerned. I am completely at a loss how Jar Jar Binks isn't INFINITELY WORSE than Vin Diesel, but there you go.

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Blade 1&2 :

Loved them both, waiting on picking up three on dvd (know we want it so didn't bother spending $40 to go see it at the theatre) Number one is my favorite of the two I've seen so far, though two does have an eye candy factor.


Hellboy :

Adore this one. Have always liked Ron Pearlman (mmmmm, Vincent). As a player of Palladium's Beyond the Supernatural it was a blast, add to that that I can more than enjoy the flick on it's own virtues and hey, a good movie in my opinion.


Daredevil :

Like it, bought it, watched it a couple of times, but not a regular "pull it out and watch it again and again" flick.


Elektra :

I loved this one, though I've met a few people who didn't. Paid full price to watch, will be picking up the dvd after ReaperCon.


Spiderman :

Number one was enjoyable, but didn't get me, personally, too fired up about a sequel. (See addendum below)


Hulk :

Having grown up on the old tv series (it, Wonder Woman, and the bionic pair) I was not dissapointed in it at all.


Flash (USA network, I think, movie) :

I actually really liked this one, I couldn't name any of the actors, as it's been too long since our old VHS that we recorded it on gave up the ghost, but if you like comic books turned live action it's worth a look-see.


Unbreakable :

I'll add a definite "me too" on this being a good flick!


Batman (up to current) :

I adored number one, Jack stole the movie IMO. Two, almost as good as One, but missing a little something IMO. Three, a lot more on the humor end of the spectrum, go into it expecting alot more laughs and you can totally enjoy it. Four, wellllll, go in to it not expecting anything and you might be able to enjoy it...... had a few highs, but .......


Superman :

Can't imagine anyone having not seen at least the first one.......stop there! For the love of your brain, stop at number one.


Supergirl :

Cheesy, campy, silly, fun.


Captain America (most recent incarnation, Im pretty sure) :

Just had to include this one, sorry. This was a straight to video, older flick. It's got an old Red Skull and Cap'n in Italy for a finale, I like it.



Now bear in mind that my favorites, movie-wise, include such love-to-be-hated flicks as Xanadu, Shock Treatment, Tommy, Rocky Horror, etc.... And I have a steady habit of really liking movies that critics trash and that bomb in the theatres (Judas Project, anyone?).


Long reply, yeah, I know, but I'm bored so........ :lol:




EDIT: I totally forgot about going to see Spidey 2 in the theatres ......... does that say anything about the movie? :lol:

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Underrated and entertaining. The main drawback is you either get really sucked in by Riddick or you loathe him, and that polarity seemed to pretty much sink Chronicles like a big lead boat as far as the box-office was concerned. I am completely at a loss how Jar Jar Binks isn't INFINITELY WORSE than Vin Diesel, but there you go.


Odd, I liked Vin Diesel, but really hated the movie. It felt more like Masters of the Universe. Lots of wasted potential there. And if you read some interviews with David Twohey(sp?) he kinda got too full of himself after Pitch Black. Can't beleive he didn't learn his lesson after Waterworld (for the record, I still like Waterworld). Your mileage may vary.


Oh and Jake Lloyd is infinitely worse than Jar Jar ::P:


Hulk: Worth seeing for the tiled-comic book panel style wipes and dissolves. It added a lot to a film that would have been intolerable otherwise, and I like the FX.


X-Men 1 & 2: Both Neo-classics. 2 has much more action than 1, and more peril.


Spider Man 1 & 2: Again, classics. 1 has a cheesier Villain but is still excellent, 2 is brilliant all around, though may drag in spots.


Daredevil: Hated it, it was cheese but wouldn't acknowledge it. Bad fight choreography as well.


Bourne 1 & 2. Excellent, though 2 made me seasick on the big screen, much better on video, plus Moby ::D:

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These are some movies I'd like to know about, like if they were good or if they were cheesy....

Have only seen the two X-Men movies on your list, but I loved 'em. I don't usually go for costumed superheroes, either. Hellboy was just as good.

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Hating Jake Lloyd because of Young Anie is like hating Will Wheaton because of Wesley Crusher.


Both kids were just that, kid actors that got handed down some of the most obnoxious roles ever. They just did what they could with what was given them. Add to that the less than stellar direction of Mr. Lucas and you get EPI.


But I digress, back on topic:


Hellboy: No.1 Comic movie EVER.


X-Men 1&2 : Really good, both of them. I liked the camp-free tone of both.


Blade 2: Again, Del Toro directs, and Perlman is there strutting his stuff. Way better than both 1 and 3.


Hulk: Feels inconclussive. One ends up feeling that there was so much that could have been done with the character...


Daredevil: Pretty decent flick, although I'm not sure if the character has that amount of angst in the books.


Elektra: Alias with martial arts mumbo jumbo, and way cooler villains. Not bad, certainly, but the whole deal with the younger girl seemed a bit superfluous.


Spiderman 1&2: Excellent movies, both. My only fear is that eventually they'll spred the license too thin, but so far, these must be the most enjoyable flicks based on mainstream comic book characters.


Spawn: Let's just say that the movie is as good as the toy line, (which is really not meant as a compliment).


As for the Bourne movies, I liked them both. A grittier, edgier take on the Super-Spy archetype. Way better than the 80's miniseries with Richard Chamberlain.


Chronicles of Riddick movies: Surprisingly good, IMO. Pitch Black is pretty much just another Sci Fi Creature Movie, quite decent but that's it. The second one really adds a lot of background to Riddick's Universe, and certainly it would have been nice to see a follow up to the series...

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