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I really don't think The Punisher was a "faithful" adaption of Garth Ennis' version, since it just wasn't violent enough. I have every ish of Ennis' Punisher, as well as all of .303 that has come out so far, and I really enjoy his writing. The Punisher movie...wasn't.



Well, the fight with the Russian was close to panel-for-panel.


As for not being violent enough...if they tried to make it as violent as Ennis' work, nobody would ever have seen it, because it wouldn't have gotten released. He's so over the top; some things you can't do on film if you actually expect it to be shown in theaters!


Believe me, I have every issue of Ennis' Punisher as well, not to mention Preacher, Just a Pilgrim, War Story, take your pick.

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Ok, you can't possibly have found the ending to this movie anything but totaly cheesy, and not in a good way.


The Travolta Death was extremely lame to the Max. And the Fight with the big Eastern European stripey shirt guy, give me a break, terrible terrible terrible!


Anyway, that's the last of my Punisher Rant, suffice to say this was THE WORST movie I've seen in some years.

You've obviously not seen Catwoman.

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anyone else remember 'Howard The Duck'?


Judging by the number of times it appeared in the recent "Worst Movies' thread I'll go so far as to say people are spending less time remembering and more time focusing on forgetting it ::D:


That being said, I have fond memories of this movie as a kid. Although I know better than to try watching it again.


That and I hate Halle Berry.


I'll second that, I think she has very little acting talent (don't get me started on how the hell she won an Oscar), and I've seen enough of her in Swordfish and Monster's Ball to satisy any curiosity I might have had at one point; now she's just a no talent hack.


Keeping on topic, she makes a terrible terrible Storm in X-men; although she was slightly better in the second movie, I think she could easily be replaced and she doesn't warrant the high Salary she likely commands to appear (I'm just guessing she makes decent coin in this capacity though). I mean she could at least attempt an appropriate accent.

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