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Mini exchange for JoeGKushner

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This is the mini that I painted for JoeGKushner for the 2005 spring mini exchange. used primarily the new master series paints. the staff was done with GW stuff. This was also my first attempt at basing a mini. the static grass didnt turn out at all IMO. I left the rock unpainted on purpose because i think it has more depth and realistic looking than i could paint it. please comment and critique !!


front side.


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Lookin' pretty great! Very brave choice with the white and it turned out good. I also have trouble with static grass and stick to flock most of the time. :) I have found that static grass looks better on top of something textured than the flat base.


About the rocks and painting them - painting them helps them look more in scale with the miniature. I would suggest choosing a neutral brown, then glazing it with a darker brown or black, then go back over the tops with the mid brown and then a lighter brown. You should at least experiment and see what you like.

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Glad you got him Joe! I tried to do some reasearch on you to see what you liked but didnt come up with anything. I even asked some one on here that says that they knew you. didnt get much help but they said that you painted for table top play. I chose the whte and black for the "traditional" karate, kung-fu look. This is for some reason one of my favorite sculpts. dont know why because all of them that i have seen or painted,(this is the 2nd) have had problems with the hands and mold lines on the staff. i think its the Tong Po look that this guy has. the white was extremely difficult to do i had to strip and repaint twice.

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