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Body parts found at Voorhees High School


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Rotting Animal Parts Found in N.J. School


2 minutes ago



GLEN GARDNER, N.J. - Discovery of a bag full of rotting animal parts hidden in the ceiling above the school lunchroom forced the closing of Voorhees High School on Monday.




Officials said the school would remain closed Tuesday to allow workers to sanitize the area and health inspectors to clear the cafeteria to serve food.



"An unusual odor led to the discovery of decomposing animal parts that had been surreptitiously placed in the drop ceiling," Lebanon Township police Patrolman Larry Campbell said.



The bag was found about 7:30 a.m. Monday; students were dismissed at 11:55.



Police believe the bag was hidden over the weekend, Campbell said. He would not say what kind of animal the parts were from or how much was hidden.



The Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office is investigating.





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sounds like a HS prank (ie inspiration for those various MTV joke shows I've seen while browsin tv)


was the finger a hoax?? Last I heard they were arresting the woman who filed the complaint



Randy M

They did arrest her for a hoax. Then another woman stepped forward and said it was her finger from an attack by a leopard... but the doctor told her that it was not so.. the finger that was in the chili was the wrong size... so... where that takes us is anyones guess.

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