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Wraith Harvesters


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A Nonet of Colorful E-Vil



A while back I posted my Golfing Wraiths, and made the comment that the next set would be something simpler...like red.


Well, on the way home with set #2, I made the comment to Dracos that I couldn't decide between red and blue for them.


Dracos: So do one red, one blue, and one yellow.


Me: But then I'd have to do the third set in the primary colors.


Dracos: Yeah, so...


...and that was it. Rainbow Wraiths.


And yes, I have done a color wheel with the 6 solids. ::P:

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You scare me!!! I did not actually think that you would go through with the solid color wraiths like this.. then the paisly one just blows my mind.. and scares the heck out of me too!.. Umm next time we get together and paint.. I have to see these in person hehe :)


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Damn, it was bad enough with the Necropolis stealing my troops and turning them into the undead. Now they are stealing my bed linens to cover their wraiths!!!



Great job with the Wraiths.


You should organize pictures of them into a single image like a Wharhol. ::D:

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