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Onnyx Golem


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this one was an easy 2 color paint job, painted him up as a bad guy robot in a super hero game im looking to run..lol


critique away, i know i did something wrong..lol


the darker green is games workshop dark angels green, however the lighter greens are reaper pro.... anyone know a good replacement from reaper pro (i like their smoothness over MSP)


im in the process of widdling out my GW stuff... its just a bit... well gloppy..lmao


so yes, i need to find my primary colors in pro, then go from there... lol





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looking like a good one. pieces are showing real improvement! my main suggestion is that when posting your pics that you make sure to re-size them, main reason is that since the piece is way smaller than the pic it pics out every single mistake and makes it seem 10 times worse. good size that ive found is just about 1.5 times the actual size of mini ie.. if mini is 2 inches tall make it about 3 that way we can see the details but not every flaw. ( i once posted a mini that was about 10 times larger and you could see a hair that was stuck in the paint that i couldnt see with an opti-visor on!!)

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